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soon to be goat.


soon to be goat.


Drake Ft. Drake

9am Dallas

With nose plugs in now I can smell a set up. So your just wasting your time your just only making me better

At this point Drake was not going to let any bull shit affect his rise. At this time in his life it was another Canadian rapper coming for him named Kardinal Official . We all know how that went for him and Drake just got better after that.

5am Toronto

Guess its funny how money can make change out of niggas forreal some nobodies start feeling themself”.

Well Drake told us he smells a set up even though this wasn’t as serious as a set up. The person he would be referring to would be Abel Aka The Weeknd. Drake really wanted The Weeknd on his OVO label but things didn’t work out some sublims might have been thrown by Abel on the song “One of those nights” Either way Drake didn’t like it and made it known and I believe Aurbrey is just getting better like he said.

Moral of the story don’t cross Drake.

Young Money

9am Dallas

I’m about to kill it cause they about to let the realist team in. Throwing up in a huddle n-gga Willie Beamin Were still throwing touchdown passes

We already know Drake is Young Money, OVO for life and always has been. With that being said he was calling claims to the game early. A very bold statement, since Wayne had just gone to. And we still didn’t know what Nicki Minaj and others were going to do.

5am Toronto

Me and my dread n*gga from N.O stashing money like quarters, off multi-platinum recordings

Well the dread head would be Wayne and they have not missed a beat. While he was in jail Drake was still repping till the death of him. It pays off to stay loyal to the team because clearly they are eating right now.

Sounds better than touchdowns they are getting ready to open their own bank


My First Grammy

9am Dallas

Scared for the first time everything has clicked what if I don’t really do the numbers they predict considering the fact that I’m the one that they just picked

This was right before Drake had released his debut album Take Care and didn’t know what kind of reception he would receive. Of course So Far Gone was world renowned and should have been an album but was only a mix tape no one really knew. It’s a lot a pressure when every blog and magazine is anticipating your debut.

5am Toronto

Most Number 1s how long it takes me……..I got a gold trophy from the committee for validation

Drake does have the most number 1 rap songs to top the billboard charts with 11 and this is over a three year span. Pretty quick if you ask me, I know people who have been waiting for the Detox for three years. And it’s no need to worry Aubrey that album that you didn’t know if it was going to do number earned you a Grammy this year.

I guess the prediction was right for you Drake. Cherish that Grammy Nas still trying to get one.

Love Triangle

9am Dallas
And book a suite with me and your favorite singer meet up, who you like tell me who it is ima make sure that that women is the next one on my list

Well this time 2 years ago our favorite singers were Adele Beyonce and Rihanna. So we will do a process of elimination Adele is knocked up and that’s definitely not Drakes, Beyonce is Mr. Carters wife so we won’t go there, which only leaves Rihanna. I guess that’s what we all wanted to see and it finally happened starting a light skin war.

5am Toronto
Bad press during the summer over allegation I aint lie nigga

You remember the bottle throwing incident over the summer, the bottle heard all over the tabloids. If not then Chris Brown and Drake ignited a civil war over the lovely Rihanna and started throwing bottles inside of a New York club.

See what happens when you have relations with our favorite singer


Idols turn into Rivals

9 am Dallas
These other Rappers getting that Inferior feeling

This was directly aimed at Pusha T and common at the time this came out. Now common and Drake are exchanging hugs but there is no love lost for his former childhood idol Pusha T. To this day they are still sharing their own sublims.

5 am Toronto
A couple somebody’s start killing themselves

No love lost here I guess Drake was serious when he said no new friends


The Morning With Drake

One thing that we learned this week is that Drake loves to make music in the morning, might be some of his best work.

From Dallas to Toronto it will take you 21 hours and nine minutes but in these two songs Drake makes it seem closer together. By that I mean that 9am in Dallas was a lot of doubt and thoughts that he wanted answer, while 5am in Toronto was more of a realization and confirmation on all those doubts.

So in these slides ahead we will go into the mind of Drake and see why the morning is the best time of day.